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Our Team

Working with a team is becoming more common for real estate agents, and it provides a real benefit for both agents and their clients

Christina Suter

FIBI Pasadena Chapter Founder

Over the last 15 years as a real estate investing mentor, Christina found the greatest obstacle her clients faced was an overwhelming amount of information about investment real estate that didn’t produce the results they needed.

Bronson Hill

FIBI Pasadena Multifamily Host

Bronson has raised over $20M for real estate investment. He is an authority on apartment investing and is continually putting out new content to help educate investors and help them achieve financial freedom. He spent his earlier years as a sales consultant for several large and startup medical device companies.

Steve Messri

FIBI Pasadena Multifamily Chief of Staff

In addition to being a skilled real estate investor, Steve Messri also has a background in business coaching and extensive knowledge in creating systems and putting together teams of professionals. With this experience, Steve has been able to apply their expertise to real estate investing, utilizing a systematic approach and working with local contractors to bring their vision to life.

Despite facing significant challenges in the past, Steve never lost their passion for real estate investment and has a proven track record of success in states like Tennessee and Ohio. Steve is available for consultation and ready to share their expertise with other real estate investors. You can connect with Steve Messri on Facebook, LinkedIn, or via email.

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